Online Gaming in India

There are 300-500 million gamers in India. And largest player size is approximately between 60-80 million (Dream11) and similar number for Many Companies reported CAGR of upto 15%. But the industry is very fragmented with over 100 players. Hence consolidation is expected. There is organic pull in the gaming industry (people inclination) hence even organic growth & retention should be high. But then many these gamers would be available on multiple platforms.

Majority of these gamer are in 10-24 yrs age brackets and then 35+ segment which play Rummy/Poker etc. The recent integration of Disney with ByJU is noticeable. Gaming could be a large advertising business also something like hotstar and there are many opportunities tobe tied up with other industry like ecom, travel etc where these companies are actually hiring/engaging other companies for engagements.


Gaming business is largely online hence marketing mix is also tilted towards digital marketing. As per industry estimates 70-80% of total marketing spends are on digital mediums and remaining on pure Branding!


Online Gaming in India

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