Weekend vacation for Pandharpur

Visit the Vithoba Temple at Pandharpur this weekend

Pandharpur is one of the famous pilgrimage places in India. This place is situated on the banks of Bhima River in Solapur; one of the districts in Maharashtra. This place is mainly famous for the Vithoba temple. This is the most populated place in the month of June to July during the famous Yatra organized here every year.

Another template famous at Pandharpur is the Vitthal temple on the banks of Bhima River. If you want to visit some religious place plan a weekend vacation for Pandharpur. You will find a number of religious places or temples all around the city. Vishnupad Temple is another famous temple at Pandharpur. It is located near the Chandrabhaga River. This temple is in the form of an open hall with 16 pillars to support and the pillars depict the several different postures of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. This is a very popular temple because of its ambience also. Rukmini Mandir is located in the district of Solapur. This is one of the most important temples to visit in Pandharpur. This temple is also located near the river Chandrabhaga and is dedicated to Rukmini Devi. You will find another temple near the river Chandrabhaga, Pundalik Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vitthal, who is believed to one of the incarnations of Lord Krishna.

Pandharpur has various different temples and is known as one of the temple cities of Maharashtra, one of the biggest states in India. A weekend vacation for Pandharpur will be one of the best vacations as you will come close to the God by visiting all these temples. This is the best place to get relaxed. The climate of Pandharpur is both hot and cold. It has seasonal weather throughout the year. You should not plan a weekend vacation for Pandharpur during monsoons as roads get blocked due to water clogging everywhere. So avoid going to Pandharpur during monsoons. The best months to visit Pandharpur are from July to February. These months are best due to the pleasant weather. So now you can look for a weekend vacation for Pandharpur around these months.

There are a number of hotels in Pandharpur and you can find many hotels or resorts there to stay for a weekend vacation for Pandharpur. The hotels or resorts are available at affordable prices, according to your budget and you can choose any of them at your convenience. Online booking of hotels is also available at Pandharpur. So you can book the hotel before reaching Pandharpur. This will save your time to find a good hotel for you. You can plan this weekend with your friends or family and enjoy the time getting relaxed and visiting such a huge pilgrimage place in Maharashtra, where you will find ample of places with temples all over. Here you can relax and enjoy your weekend. This will be the best vacation for you and your friends or family as you will be able to visit a number of temples at a single place only.

Weekend vacation for Pandharpur

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