Weekend vacation for Bhilwara

Experience And Learn About Hindu Mythology By Planning A Weekend Vacation For Bhilwara.
Bhilwara is mostly known for its textile industries. More often this place is symbolized as a “Zoo of Minerals” in which you can discover a wide variety of minerals like copper, feldspar, quartz, Garnet, white clay, mica and soapstone. Furthermore, one can easily find numerous plant and glass factories that are located in and around Bhilwara state. If you are planning for a weekend vacation for Bhilwara, then don’t forget to visit Badnor Fort, Ex-Jagirdars Palace, etc.  Moreover, fairs are also organized with great joy and enthusiasm during festive seasons like Ramdev Mela, Dhanop Mataji Mela, Ganesh Mela and Badnor pashu mela.

The places that you can visit in your weekend vacation for Bhilwara are:

  • Gangapur:  This place is situated about 45 kms from Bhilwara state. This place depicts Rajasthani village in which cattle fair is organized that involves a large number of domestic animals. Cattles of Rajasthan are the biggest attraction of this fair.
  • Triveni:  This place is sited about 40 kms from Bhilwara state. Triveni depicts a chauraha and it can be said that it’s a meeting point of River Menali with other two rivers Badachh and Banas. Furthermore, Shiv temple is also situated at the coast that remains submerged under the water, especially during rainy seasons.
  • Harni Mahadev: This place is situated about 6 km from Bhilwara. The temple also has sculpture of Lord Shiva and a Shivlinga that is built beneath the stone. This place is visited by a large number of devotees all through the year, especially in the month of Shravan. 
  • Kyara ke Balaji:  This place resembles Hanuman sculpture and is situated at a distance of about 10 kms from the city of Bhilwara. It’s firmly believed by people that Kyara ke Balaji has the insight natural sculpture of lord Hanuman that automatically appeared on rock. Other places located near to this place which you can visit include Patola and Ghata Rani.  .
  • Mejha Dam: This dam is situated about 17 kms from Bhilwara state and is among the most popular tourist spot that has an inbuilt eye catchy water reservoir. It’s completely a fun picnic spot where your child will spend a marvelous time. Furthermore, you can also find rest rooms, swimming pools and toy train for children etc. 
  • Jataun Ka Mandir: This temple was built in middle of about 11th century and is the oldest temple in Bhilwara state. The temple contains the sculpture of Lord Shiva and several shivling can also be founded in various areas of this temple. 
  • Kali Mata Temple:  This temple is situated on the top of hill near by the Harni Mahadev temple. This place propels you with amazing pictorial sunrise and sunset view and also you can witness the complete view of Bhilwara city. This place is also famous for its sunset point.
Weekend vacation for Bhilwara

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