Weekend Vacation Chilika

Weekend Vacation for Chilika offers mesmerizing trip to its nearby attractions as well

Chilika is one of the best natural places to see in Orissa. It is a huge lagoon spread over the area of 11000 sq km. This place is natural habitat for many animals and its immaculate beauty is center of attraction for tourists from all around the world. It is among the largest lake existing in Asia which depicts the wonderful tourist attractions of this place. Weekend vacation for Chilika is one of the favorite activities for the locals. Chilika which is also called as Chilka is best place to allure magnificent views and picturesque sightseeing. It is a huge place which is quite interesting to visit in a weekend. Hence it is good to select among places to see while coming to this part for tourism.

Here are some of the places to see while heading for weekend vacation for Chilika

Nalaban Island

Nalaban is one of the major attractions of Chilika. People on vacation to Chilika must visit this place which takes 3 hours journey through motor boat to reach. This Island is comprised in the area of 15 ½ sq km surrounded by water of Chilka lake. Nalaban Island is popular bird sanctuary which attracts natural enthusiasts from across the world. It showcases one of the magnificent species of birds especially which lives around water bodies. The most significant fact about Nalaban Island is that it can be visited in only few months i.e. from November to April because in remaining period of the year, it goes under the water.

Kalijai temple

Kalijai temple is most auspicious places to visit in Chilika. This place is rated in the top position in tourism and people coming for weekend vacation for Chilika must visit this religious location. It is sacred place for local and they visit frequently to worship Goddess Kalijai for safe journey in the lake. Kalijai temple is renowned places to visit in Chilika throughout the year but during the month of January, on the occasion of Makarsankranti a huge fair is organized here which draws devotees from across the country.


Satapada is one of the lake resorts which display the magnificent view of Chilka Lake. It is situated on the southern part of the lake at the merger with Bay of Bengal. This magnificent place is excellent for weekend vacation for Chilika due to views of Dolphins in this area. People are crazy to see these domestic creatures as well as the natural, mesmerizing view from here. Therefore Satapada has grabbed top positions in prime locations to visit in Chilika.

Becon Island

Becon Island is situated at a distance of 3 kilometer from Chilika. It is one of the wonderful places of natural habitat which is visited by tourists all through the year. It was developed during the period of British and used to be favorite tourist destination for them. It possesses cleanest water in its surrounding along with mesmerizing environment, fringed by Eastern Ghats.

Along with such beautiful places, there are many locations which can be visited during weekend vacation for Chilika such as Bird Island, Breakfast Island and other similar locations within the Chilika.

Weekend Vacation Chilika

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