Weekend Vacation Bharuch

Utilize Your Summer Holidays By Planning A Weekend Vacation For Bharuch That Proffers You Scenic Beauty And Thrilling Wild Life Sanctuary Experience.

Bharuch is an industrial area in Gujarat that is sited on the banks of Narmada River. As a result of which many trade activities have flourished here. Nowadays, city is also becoming popular for its pictorial places, temples and other sightseeing locations. It’s firmly believed that these temples signify our Hindu mythology and traditions. The market place of Bharuch also offers a variety of things to tourists and that too at reasonable prices, among which salty peanuts are most popular.  The place is well-known for its temples like Swaminarayan Temple and Raichand Deepchand library. If you are planning for a weekend vacation for Bharuch, then monsoon season is the best time to visit this place, as during this season, a unique festival Meghraja is organized every year. 

The places to visit in Bharuch are:

  • Ankleshwar: Ankleshwar is majorly known for its industrial township, popularly known as Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), which is one of largest in Asia. The city is situated at 10 kms from Bharuch district of Gujarat. Ankleshwar has about more than 5000 small and big chemical plants that produce products like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and paint and specialty chemicals.
  • Golden Bridge: This Bridge was built in 1881 by Britishers and its main purpose was to connect Ankleshwar to Bharuch district. The bridge is sited athwart River Narmada so as to provide better access for administration and trade in Mumbai. 
  • Lallubhai Haveli: Its one of the famous tourist’s attractions of Bharuch city. Tourists love to visit this beautiful fort as this fort proffers them pictorial and scenic view, which lasts as memory for years. This fort is beautifully perched on hilltop beneath which Narmada River flows. Furthermore, in Lallubhai Haveli, Jama Masjid is sited at base of hill. In upstream part of Bharuch, you can easily view the Sardar Sarovar dam. The Haveli is beautifully designed with a rich carved wood design. 
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary will proffer you a thrilling experience. The sanctuary offers you a pictorial and scenic beauty as it’s surrounded by deciduous forests. In this sanctuary, you can observe a pleasant and thrilling atmosphere like coming across of Python, flying squirrel, cat and lions and moreover, the affinities of western Ghats and Himalayas. The forests of this sanctuary are considered as densest forests in the state. 
  • Swaminarayan Mandir: This temple signifies Hindu mythology and is well known for Swaminarayan sect and faith. The followers proffer worship and devotion to Swaminarayan as ultimate appearance of God. This place is also the most visited place in Bharuch by tourists and local visitors.

The other places which you can surf during weekend location for Bharuch state is Big Banyan tree, various malls and complexes like Inox mall, and Katopar Bazaar etc.

So, plan a trip to Bharuch state in Gujarat, especially during monsoon seasons and make your weekend holiday memorable.

Weekend Vacation Bharuch

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