Weekend Vacation Almaty

Have Great Fun Moments On A Weekend Vacation For Almaty To Have Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience 

Any Weekend Vacation for Almaty can definitely become once-in-a-lifetime experience for you if you are seriously willing to explore this world class city in the true senses. This city is denoted with the many names it has earned over the period like Almaty in the Kazakh language and the Russians used to call it Alma-Ata during the erstwhile USSR days. With the independence of Kazakhstan in 1990’s the city also became famous with a name called Verniy. By now it has already emerged into one of the biggest and largest Kazakhstan cities with worldwide recognition. 

Explore Impeccable History

Perhaps it is impossible to explore the complete history of this region during a single Weekend Vacation for Almaty tour but you can definitely come to know about several important things or the facets of this region even in a very short vacation. It had remained capital of Kazakhstan until 1997 until country’s administrative headquarters was shifted from here. Leaflets of history keep you engaged during a visit and you come to know much of it. It is here that you feel the true ascent of Kazakhstan where the major commercial and cultural amalgamation showcases its vibrancy. As the city is located in the southern Kazakhstan its scenic beauty is extremely impactful. 

Most buildings and monuments in this city remind you of the past era especially the period from 1929 to 1936 while it had remained an integral part of the Kazakh ASSR. The remnants of the recent past period from 1991 to 1997 are also assessed through various such monuments which you can see if you plan for any Weekend Vacation for Almaty to know more about its history. This city had been chosen to serve as Kazakhstan’s capital from 1991 to 1997 before a new capital city could be decided. 

It goes without saying that Almaty is one of the largest and highly developed cities in Kazakhstan whose ethnic and cultural diversity is well observed from this old city. Located in the Trans-Ili Alatau or Zailiysky Alatau foothills, this city is too much admirable and best to explore as a Kazakhstan tourist. No matter you plan for a short Weekend Vacation for Almaty you have good reasons to explore it. 

Notable Destinations In The City

Whenever you plan for your Weekend Vacation for Almaty you shouldn’t ignore the weather condition of the specific time period you visit there. This place observes chilling cold winters and warm summers. Your preparation should be of that level to avoid any future trouble. Almaty is still referred to as the Kazakhstan’s southern capital and is famous for its historic values. Sight of Kök Töbe or ‘Green Hill’ is a must during any tour. Several amusement-park styled rides and wonderful restaurants seek attention of visitors. This city has approximately 125 fountains out of which “Oriental Calendar” Fountain is known for 12 sculptural figures. It showcases 12 animal cycles of Kazakh tradition. 

Weekend Vacation Almaty

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