Weekend Vacation Agatti Island

This winter plan a trip to the beautiful water kingdom- Agatti Island

Do you love water sports? If you do then you must make a trip to the beautiful and exotic Agatti Island. Lakshadweep is one of the most exotic and picturesque places in India. Agatti Island is known as the gateway of Lakshadweep. You can plan a weekend vacation for Agatti with your friends or family. There are various thrilling sports you can take part in and can also relax in the beautiful beaches. From the mainland you need to hire boats to reach the island of Agatti. This beautiful island is secluded, exotic and scenic. You cannot really ask for more here. 

Agatti is a very small island and there are two nice resorts where you can stay. However it would be wiser if you simply book the resort in advance. Lakshadweep and Agatti Island are popular tourist destinations and if you do not book the hotels in advance it would be very difficult to get rooms there. Only two hotels are there and with the huge tourist rush it could sometimes be tricky to get a room there. That is why you need to make the booking in advance.

How to reach Agatti Island-

There domestic airport of Agatti is located here. You can get flight to Agatti from Bengaluru and Coachin airport. The airport is small and extremely picturesque. The runway of small and is considered as one of the most difficult runways in the world. Once you reach there you will feel the beauty of this place. Agatti Island offers you scenic beauty and much needed peace of mind.

Activities to take part in-

You can hire the bike to explore the places in Agatti. This is the most common form of transportation there. This beach is one of the best swimming beaches not just in India but also the whole world. The white sand beach along with the abundant coconut trees together provide you a scenic surrounding to relax and enjoy.

For the adventure sports loves this is the ideal place for sure. You can take part in water skiing, day and night lagoon fishing, day and night deep sea fishing speed boat ride, glass bottom trip at the reef and lagoon, water scooter ride, snorkelling and turtle watch at the uninhabited Parali island at night. These are exciting and fun filled activities and you must take part in.

Places to see in Agatti Island

The shimmering coral reefs will take your breath away. The turquoise blue lagoons and the silvery beaches are also extremely beautiful and picturesque. Apart from that there are some places and islands nearby that you can visit from here.

Mohiyudeen Mosque 

This is a very old mosque located in the island. This is a beautiful mosque decorated with stone panel and Mangalore tiles. You must visit this peaceful place during your stay in Agatti Island.

Golden Jubilee Museum

This is a small museum where you will get to know about the history of this island. This island has a pre-Islamic past and in the museum you will find sailboats, shipwrecks and various other things that belong to that period of time.


The beautiful coral reef and the lagoon are the main attractions here. The extensive shallow lagoon is world famous and you must not miss this. If you are planning a weekend vacation for Agatti then Kalpeni must be there in your itinerary.

Agatti is a picturesque place and you would definitely enjoy your time there.

Weekend Vacation Agatti Island

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