Weekend Vacation Agartala

Take a trip to the beautiful and picturesque capital of Tripura- Agartala

Planning a weekend trip could sometimes be difficult. There are so many beautiful places in India that choosing a place could sometimes be difficult. Among various places in India you can think about Agartaka. If you are looking for a weekend destination then Agartala would definitely fit the bill. Before planning your weekend vacation for Agartala you need to know about the must visit places there. You also need to book the hotels in advance. There are reliable sites on internet where you can get the information regarding the hotels and other facilities. You can check the details and can make the booking online.

The green backdrop, high mountains and the forest cover make Agartala a popular tourist destination. To plan your weekend vacation for Agartala with your family you need to ensure the best places to stay along with other facilities. Agartala is well connected via the railways. The nearest railway station is Kumarghat. You can find train to Guwahati from any parts of India. From Guwahati you can take trains or you can rent cars to reach Agartala. From any other airport you can get flights to Agartala airport. You can opt for that too.

Places to see in Agartala-

Agartala is different from the other metros in India. The beautiful markets and the tribal ladies there would definitely grab your attraction. You can get variety of local handicrafts in the market. It would be a heaven for shoppers. Apart from shopping there are some beautiful places to see in Agartala that you must not miss. The places are-

Kunjaban Palace

This is definitely one of the marvelous monuments in Agartala that you must visit. This palace was earlier known as Pushbanta Palace. It used to be a recreation palace for the King Birendra Kishore Manikya. Created in the year 1927, this palace is now used as the Governor house of Tripura. The exquisite architecture and beautiful construction make this palace a must visit for everyone.


This is another beautiful place in Agartala. This is a picturesque and beautiful water palace where the kings used to come to relax during the summer. This palace is located in the middle of Rudrasagar. The Hindu and Islamic architecture fusion is prominent here. The surroundings are absolutely breathtaking and serene. The colorful flowerbeds are beautiful and picturesque. You can also see thousands of migratory birds here every year. You must not miss visiting Neermahal in Agartala.

Gondacherra wildlife sanctuary

The lush green forest and the peaceful atmosphere here will make you forget all other worries in Gondacherra wildlife sanctuary. You can see the habitats of various wildlife animals like Deer, Bison and Tiger in this sanctuary. Inside the sanctuary you would feel absolutely disconnected from the hustle bustle of city life. You will be rejuvenated from inside for sure. This wildlife sanctuary offers amazing closeness to the nature. You would definitely enjoy visiting this place.

Raima Valley

This place is popularly known as the mother of the tribals in Agartala and Tripura. The beautiful Raima River and the picturesque mountain pleats would definitely take your breath away. This place is vast and beautiful. During the mountain folding the pleats were created here. From there this enclosed space evolved as the beautiful Raima Valley. In last few years it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Agartala and definitely a must visit.

Agartala is the ideal destination for a weekend trip. You would definitely enjoy a lot there and it would be a memorable trip for you.

Weekend Vacation Agartala

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