Digital Marketing Interview Questions

What is UAC campaign?
What are best practices?
What are your three learning from your past experience?
Tell me something about UAC campaigns which i don’t know?

> All four questions same answer. UAC is an auto pilot campaign, beyond setting up geo locations, budget and creative nothing more can be done. There is nothing like best practice or new learnings which are unique to anyone.

Then How some businesses are getting better ROI even in same niche?

Performance of UAC campaign is less dependent on Marketing manager but more on age of account, monthly spends/budget, Business Scale and user behaviours on your ad.

Give me 3 example of your most successful marketing campaigns?

if some one ask this question. You can safely assume that person is less knowledgable than you and he is doing competition spy rather than interview. Most probably this interview is NOT genuine. However it cant be generalised apply your own mind before you answer.

All questions on your previous employment regarding their revenues/clients/marketing technique etc are SPY questions.Better not to reply on those. You can simply say your current employment agreement doesn’t allow to share such informations.

What is your domain expertise among all your digital channels?
What digital channel is most important for you and why?
Every marketer have their priority order what is yours?

There is no right or wrong answer here. But generally these questions are used to start conversations. You can think yourself how you wanted to paint your own story.


Digital Marketing Interview Questions

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