Yelamanchili: Railways Station IRCTC Code YLM

The fact to be known of Yelamanchili

Yelamanchili: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is YLM.

This place Yelamanchili is a municipality present in the district of Vishakapatnam, which is particularly present in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This was earlier knowable as Ella Manjili, which in fact turns out to be the border village of both Kalinga and Andhra Empires. This place is at the elevation of 7m. There are archaeological evidences relating to ancient Jainism, Buddhism and also Hinduism too. Kotturu Dhanadibbalu Buddhsit place and also Dharapalem Hindu site is much popular here. Dharmalingeshwara temple at the place of Panchadharla is visited by number of people. Lord Venugopala samy temple is atop hill. Howrah Chennai mainline is where the railway station functions. Tirupathi Bilaspur Express starts here.

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Yelamanchili: Railways Station IRCTC Code YLM

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