Umri Railways Station IRCTC Code UMRI

Information about the Umri Railway Station

Umri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is UMRI.

The city of Umri is situated in the distrist of Nanded in the Indian state of Maharshtra. The place is quite fairly populated. The place is not very far away from the river Godavari. The place gets average rainfall during the rainy season. The place is a part of an ancient and historical district. The place has some schools providing education for the local children. The place has some industries. The major spoken languages of the area is Marathi, Hindi and a few more. The nearest is in Nanded and Ramagundam. The Umri Railway Station is under the South Central Railways and close to 12 major trains stops here; like the Devagiri Express, Krishna Express, Marathwada Ps Express etc.

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Umri Railways Station IRCTC Code UMRI

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