Udgir Railways Station IRCTC Code UDGR

An overview about the Udgir railway Station

Udgir station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is UDGR.

The town of Udgir is situated in the district of Latur in Maharshtra. The town is well known for the agricultural produce of the area and cotton forms a major part of that produce. The place also has a market for the sell of cattles. It is also an important Educatioanl hub. This place has seen the struggle for dominance between the Marathas and the Nizams. The place is also known for the famous Udgir Fort. There are also small scale industries in the area. Nearest Airport is in Begumpet. The Udgir railway Station is under the SC Railways and about 11 major traisn stops here; like the Pune Hyb Express, Aurangabad Passenger, Sc Snsi Express etc.

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Udgir Railways Station IRCTC Code UDGR

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