Triupunittura Railways Station IRCTC Code TRTR

An overview about the Triupunittura Railway Station

Triupunittura station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is TRTR.

Triupunittura is a city situated in the district of Ernakulum in Kerala. It is actually a sub urban area of Kochi. The place is known as one of the important centres to learn Carnatic Music, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam etc. and many famous artist s learned the it here in the city. Ayurveda is a notable medicinal practice of the area. The Royal family of the area still resides in the city. Places of interest to the tourist and places of worships include Hill Palace, Sree Poornathrayesa Temple, Muthukulangara Temple etc. Triupunittura Railways Station is under the Southern Railways and about 11 major trains stop here; like the Malabar, Korba, Kanymumari Expresses etc.

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Triupunittura Railways Station IRCTC Code TRTR

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