Tohana Railways Station IRCTC Code TUN

Important facts about the Tohana railway Station

Tohana station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is TUN.

The city of Tohana is situated in the district of Fatehdabad in Haryana. The area was a desert in the past, but all changed with the construction of the famous Bhakra Nangal dam, as the canal of the Dam brought water for the irrigation of the area and thereby transforming it. The area was under the rule of the Mauryans. The area also experienced the struggle for power of the Shikhs, Bhattis and the Muslims. The economy of the place revolves around agricultural produces. The Tohana Railway Station is under the Northern Railways and about 23 major trains stops here, like the Punjab Mail, Himsagar Express, Andaman Express etc.

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Tohana Railways Station IRCTC Code TUN

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