Taregna Railways Station IRCTC Code TEA

a city from Bihar

Taregna station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is TEA.

Taregna is a distant modified village which is still on a verge of developing itself in rural culture. Located in the western part of the state of Bihar it has one of the finest service of railway service. Some of the important trains coming across Taregna is like Patna- Dehri on Son Express, Ganga Damodar Express running from Dhanbad to Patna, Palamau Express running from Baurkella to Patna junction, Budh :Purnima Express running from the hill station of Rajgir to Varanasi junction and Hatia junction running from Hatia to Ptna junction. All over there is about 13 trains to cross daily over Taregna.

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Taregna Railways Station IRCTC Code TEA

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