Suwasra Railways Station IRCTC Code SVA

a city from the state of MP

Suwasra station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SVA.

Suwasra is another city from the heart of our country Madhya Pradesh. Located under the constituency of Madhya Pradesh it is one of the vital junctions of the central railways zone. Sone of the prime trains to visit Suwasra is likely to be as Ferozepur- Mumbai superfast mail, Mumbai Cnetral to Jaipur superfast Express, Jaipur- Rathlam superfast Express, Ranthambore Express running all the way from southern India, Dehradun Mumbai superfast Express, Avadh Express running from Muzzafarpur to Mumbai Central, Kota Vadodara superfast mail which crosses Suswara daily. In total there is about 12 trains to cross Suswara in total daily.

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Suwasra Railways Station IRCTC Code SVA

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