Sultanganj Railways Station IRCTC Code SGG

the city with nobility

Sultanganj station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SGG.

Sultanganj is a small city located in the distant state of Bihar under the district of Bhgalpur. As it is located in the northern part of the state, the border of Nepal is very near from here. Some of the important trains to visit in sultanganj are like Bhagalpur- Mumbai superfast express, Bhagalpur- New Delhi superfast express, Vikramshila Express running from Anand vihar to Bhaglpur, Howrah- Jmalpur Express and many more. Some of the trains in different direction are like Danapur- Bhagalpur intercity express, Farakka Express running Malda to Delhi and more. In total there was about 32 train to visit Sultanganj in daily basis. z

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Sultanganj Railways Station IRCTC Code SGG

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