Sonpur Railways Station IRCTC Code SEE

a city with in the state

Sonpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SEE.

Sonpur is another town located under the state of Bihar. Contributing from all the nearby villages it is one of the few cities near the region. Some of the trains to carry to Sonepur is like Bhagalpur- Gorakhpur superfast express, Gwalior- Barouni Express crossing Sonpur in its way, Bihar KRanti Express coming from the capital of the country and Vaishali Express coming from Barouni junction to Delhi. Else there are other trains too in this direction of the line are like Sealdah Barouni Express coming from Bengal, Chapara- Tatanagar Express and New Jalpaiguri Mail from Delhi. In total thre is about 64trains to be attended daily by the Sonpur junction.

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Sonpur Railways Station IRCTC Code SEE

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