Siwan Railways Station IRCTC Code SV

a city from bihar

Siwan station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SV.

Siwan is a small city located in the heart of the state of Bihar under the sub- division of siwan district itself. Feom it location it plays a great importance of transportation especially in case of railways communication. Some of the important trains to visit Siwan are like KAmakhya Delhi Express coming all the way from the north- eastern India, Muzzafarpur- Ahmedabad superfast express, Lukhnow- Barouni Express, Saharsa- Amritsar Superfast express and many more. Else there are some trains from southern part of the country too, like Delhi- Darbhanga Express, Avadh- Assam Express and Asansol- Gorakhpur Express. In over total about 44 trains to visit Siwan in a day.

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Siwan Railways Station IRCTC Code SV

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