Simaluguri Railways Station IRCTC Code SMGR

a city from th north east

Simaluguri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SMGR.

Simaluguri is a small town located in the North East section of our country under the state of Assam. Due to its remoteness there I a great lack of transport via railways, but it have a particular importance as one of the most important junctions in the North- East. Some of the trains to visit Simaluguri are like Dibhrugarh Superfast passenger, Bramhaputra mail coming all the way from the capital of our country, Avadh Assam Express coming from Lalgarh junction and Dibhrugarh New Delhi superfast express. All over the overall train count in Simaluguri is not high as others but it has a total of 20 trains to visit every day.

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Simaluguri Railways Station IRCTC Code SMGR

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