shadnagar Railways Station IRCTC Code SHNR

the latest station in the state

shadnagar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SHNR.

The map of India is been recently changes as the previous state of Andhra Pradesh has been divided in two equal half. The western part of the state is now named as Telengana. Shadnagar is one of the stations in this region and it is quite famous too. Some of the trains which passes through Shadnagar are like Yesvantpur- Kachiguda Express, Amravati Express, PRashanti Nilayam Express and Venkatari Express which runs with in the state boundaries. Some of the long routed trains are like Kacheguda- Guntur Superfast, Kacheguda- Raichur Superfast, Hundry Express and many more else. All over it has all the possible routes in its agenda.

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shadnagar Railways Station IRCTC Code SHNR

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