semapur Railways Station IRCTC Code SMO

a city adjacent to city of joy

semapur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SMO.

The state of West Bengal is typically known for its variety in tourism. It has sea, mountain and as well as jungle as its option. Semapur is small halt in the North Bengal part coming on the ways of the Duars. Some of the trains coming across Semapur is like Teesta- Torsa Express, Kanchan- Kanya Express, Haate Bazare Express, New Jalpaiguri Mail all connecting Kolkata to the North Bengal via Sealdah. Else there is the KAmrup Express, Garib-Rath Express all coming from distant Assam through Semapur on the way to Kolkata. Else it also passes Guwahati- Secunderabad and Muzzafarpur- Yeshvantpur Express in its way too.

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semapur Railways Station IRCTC Code SMO

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