Satna Railways Station IRCTC Code STA

Important facts about the Satna Junction railway Station

Satna station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is STA.

The city of Satna is a part of the district of satna, in Madhya Pradesh; near it’s borders. The place got it’s name from the river Sutna. The area was mainly ruled by the Rewas in the past. The archaelogical findings of the area, like that of an old Stupa are all kept at the Indian Mesuem. The place became famous for the rich reserves and mines of Dolmite and also limestones. The nearest major airport is at Jabalpur. Satna is well connected to a number of important cities of the country. The Satna Railway Station is under the WC Railways and close to 182 major trains stops here, like the Mahanagari, Sarnath Expresses, Kolkata Mail etc.

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Satna Railways Station IRCTC Code STA

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