Sangrur Railways Station IRCTC Code SAG

Information about the Sangrur Railway Station

Sangrur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SAG.

Sangrur City is a part of the district of Sangrur, in Punjab. It is quite close to the major cities like Ludhiana and Patiala. The area is really old and the oldest settlement of the area is supposed to have sprouted in the area around 2300 BC. The place Sangrur is said to have been founded buy a Jatt named sangrur. Among the places of interest to the tourist are the Gurdwaras and the Hindu Temples. It is also a important eduacational and business center of Punjab. The Sangrur Railway Sattion is under the Northern Railways and close to 27 major trains stops at Sangrur; like the Andaman, HImsagar,Jammutawi Expresses etc.

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Sangrur Railways Station IRCTC Code SAG

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