Sakti Railways Station IRCTC Code SKT

Information about the Sakti railway Station

Sakti station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SKT.

Sakti is a small town situated in the district of Janjgir Champa, in state Chhattisgarh. In the past it was a part of a princely state named Sakti. It was under the the rule of the Hindu kings and the the members of the royal has been a member of Indian Hockey team; even has been the ministers of MP. The area experiences tropical climate. The place is close to the tourist destination of Janjgir. The nearest major city is the city of Bilaspur and the nearest airport is the Raipu Airport. The Sakti Railway Station is under SEC Railways and close to 26 major trains stop at Sakti; like the Janshatabdi Express, Utkal Express, Howrah Mumbai Mail etc.

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Sakti Railways Station IRCTC Code SKT

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