Sakri Railways Station IRCTC Code SKI

Overview about the Sakri Junction Railway Station

Sakri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SKI.

Sakri is situated in the district of Madhubani in the Indian state of Bihar. The area has a hot and dry summer, whereas the winters are quite chilling. The nearest major airport is in Patna. The livelihood of the local people is based on Agriculture as the land is river fertile. The major agricultural produce of the area is Rice along with other cereals and pulses. The area is rich in native customs and traditions. Festivals like the Dipawali, Chhath etc. are celebrated here. The Sakri Junction is placed under the East Central Railways and about 20 major trains stops at Sakri; like the Ganga Sagar, Intercity, Shaheed Expresses etc.

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Sakri Railways Station IRCTC Code SKI

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