Sakhi Gopal Railways Station IRCTC Code SIL

Important facts about the Sakhi Gopal railway Station

Sakhi Gopal station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is SIL.

Sakhi Gopal town is situated in the Indian state of Odisha. It is famous for the Temple of Sakshi Gopal. It is a very old temple of the medieval ages. The architecture of the temple resembles Kalinga style of architecture. The idol of Sakshi Gopal is said to have been built by the king Vajra and is supposed to be built by an imperishable stone Braja near Mathura and was later moved to this place. The temple organises a well known annual festival of Amala Navami. The Sakhi Gopal Railway Station is under the East Coast Railways and close to 30 major trains stops at this station; like the Neelachal, Puri-Howrah, Utkal Expresses etc.

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Sakhi Gopal Railways Station IRCTC Code SIL

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