Renukut Railways Station IRCTC Code RNQ

Some facts on the Renukut Railway Station

Renukut station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is RNQ.

The town Renukut is situated in the district of Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for being the site for the Hindalco Industries; the larhest Aluminium plant of Asia, which actually turned the area into an urban township. The Vindyachal mountains of the area are famous for many temples and historic caves. the historically famous Chunar Fort is situated in the outskirts of the town. The area also has the Renukut Falls amd the Chilika Lake, the vandevi Mandir, Hanuman Mandir and many more temples are spread over the area. The Renikut Railway Station is under the EC Railways and has 16 major trains passing through; like the shaktipunj, Tribeni, Tata Jat Expresses etc.

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Renukut Railways Station IRCTC Code RNQ

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