Rayagada Railways Station IRCTC Code RGDA

An overview about the Rayagada Railway Station

Rayagada station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is RGDA.

The city of Rayagada is sitauted in Odisha. In the ancient past during the rule of “Ashoka the Great”, it was a part of the Kalinga Dynasty. There is the Saktiund and a mud fort in it’s vicinity. The majority of the population here belongs to the various Tribal people. It is situated in an area famous for it’s rich Bauxite ore Reserves. Rayagada being surrounded by small hills and the tourist attractions include Paikapada Shiv Lingas, Maa Majhighariani Temple, Hatipathar etc. Its famous for being a major educational hub of the state. Rayagada railway station is under the ECo Railways and close to 50 trains pass through it, like the Hirakhand, Samta, Tapaswini Expresses etc.

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Rayagada Railways Station IRCTC Code RGDA

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