Rairakhol Railways Station IRCTC Code RAIR

Some facts on the Rairakhol Railway Station

Rairakhol station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is RAIR.

The small town of Rairakhol is situated in the district of Sambalpur, in Orissa. The place is famous for the hills, it’s forest,rich wildlife some waterfalls and thus an excellent place to visit. Bhubaneswar is the closest main airport to the town. From here one can visit the tourist destination of Madupur, which is a very good place to have nice change from the busy cities. The nearest city is Redakhol, which also the focal point of trade and livelihood of the people of Rairakhol. The Rairakhol railway Station comes under the ECo Railways and about 35 trains pass through it; like the Hirakud, Tapaswini, Howrah Sambalpur superfast Expresses etc.

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