Phulpur Railways Station IRCTC Code PLP

Phulpur Railway Station is located at Phulpur, UP 212402

Phulpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PLP.

Phulupur is a nagar panchayat and a town in Uttar Pradesh. The average elevation of the place is 87 meters or 285 feet. Phulpur Railway Station is well connected by roads and railway to major metropoliton cities. The Phulpur Railway Station offers facilities like waiting rooms, computerized reservation tickets and parking place. The trains passing from the Phulpur Railway Station are Sarnath Express, Gkp Ltt Express, Kamayani Express, Godan Express, Maharashtra Express, Chhapra Express, Gorakhpur Express and cpr Ltt Express. The station is well maintained and kept clean as over thousand passengers use Phulpur Railway Station for travelling purpose daily.

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Phulpur Railways Station IRCTC Code PLP

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