Payyanur Railways Station IRCTC Code PAY

Payyanur railway station is located at Theru Railway Station Road, KL 670307

Payyanur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PAY.

Payyanur Railway Station is one of the major railway stations in India, serving Payyanur in Kerala. The Payyanur Railway Station lies in Shoranur Mangalore section of Southern Railways. The station consists of 4 tracks and 3 platforms. The Payyanur Railway Station is well connected, as it connects cities like Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kollam and Pune. The trains passing from this station are Mangalore Santragachi Express,West Coast Express, Mangala Lakshadweep Express, Nagercoil Gandhidham Express, Maveli Express and Netravati Express. The place is also well connected by roads. The station offers facilities like waiting rooms, parking place and computerized reservation tickets.

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Payyanur Railways Station IRCTC Code PAY

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