Pathankot Railways Station IRCTC Code PTK

Pathankot railway station is located at Dhaki, PB 145001

Pathankot station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PTK.

Pathankot is a municipal of Punjab and also is the capital of Pathankot district. The name is given after Pathania Rajput, the king of Nurpur. Pathankot is the intersecting point of three northern states; Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Jammuna and Kashmir. As it is the intersection point of these states it serves as a travel hub. The trains passing through this place are Bathinda-Jammu Tawi Express, Jammu Mail, Jammu Tawi-Drug Weekly Express and Amritsar-Pathankot Passenger. The platform is well maintained and is clean. The Shahpurkandi fort is a major tourist spot here. The city is well conected by roads.

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Pathankot Railways Station IRCTC Code PTK

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