Partur Railways Station IRCTC Code PTU

Partur railway station is located on the Kacheguda-Manmad line

Partur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PTU.

Partur is a municipal council and city in Jalna district in Maharashtra, India. Partur has an elevation of 1440 feet (439 meters). The major river flowing through many villages of Partur is Godavari. The main source of income of the place is agriculture. The main occupation of the people is farming. The major crops grown here are Wheat, Sugar cane, Arhar, Sorghum and Cotton. The population of Partur is nearly 28941 of which males constitute 52% and female constitute 48% of the total population. The avarage litaracy rate of Partur is 64% which is higher than the national average rate.

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Partur Railways Station IRCTC Code PTU

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