Palanpur Railways Station IRCTC Code PNU

Note on Palanpur

Palanpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PNU.

Palanpur is a place in Gujarat. There are many places to visit here at Palanpur. Palanpur was ruled by Prahladan, who got Palanpur as the appanage from his brother, the eldest. This was known as Prahladanpur. This town was fortified with the gates that are 7 in numbers in each direction. Among those gates only few still remain. Keerthistambh or it’s named as victory tower which was built by 1930’s. Jorwar Palace and Balaram palace is important here, whereby Palanpur has many gardens. Some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of Palanpur are Okha Jaipur express, Aravali express and so on.

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Palanpur Railways Station IRCTC Code PNU

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