Pakur Railways Station IRCTC Code PKR

General note on pakur

Pakur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is PKR.

Pakur is a place in Jharkhand. River Ganga flows through this beautiful place Pakur. This Ganga River branches out as Bhagirathi Hooghly which later forms Hooghly River, joining tributaries. Pakur is the place holding the Santhals and Mal Paharia Adivasi people. Agriculture is the backbone of Pakur. Black stone, fire clay and coal are abundant here in Pakur. Mining and crushing activities are the very two major activities here. railway station is located on Sahibganj Loop. Some of the express trains that pass through this specific railway junction of Pakur are Gour express, Kanchankanya express, Dibrugarh express Guwahati express and so on.

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Pakur Railways Station IRCTC Code PKR

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