Orai Railways Station IRCTC Code ORAI

To be known of Orai

Orai station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ORAI.

Orai is a place in Uttar Pradesh. This place was named as Orai after the saint Uddlak as he worshipped in here, and the place has historical significance due to the place present including Jhansi, Kalpi etc. Orai is knowable as City of King Mahil who is known for his bad habits. The King here had a fond of being married, whereby he was married in his childhood days itself, after he was bored of his 1st wife, he married, next and this goes till 401, then he got Shistachary after being bored of his childish attitude. In 14th century, Bundelas ruled Orai and got prominence. Some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of Orai turn including Pratham S S express, Sabarmati express, Kushinagar express Lucknow superfast express and so on.

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Orai Railways Station IRCTC Code ORAI

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