Ongole Railways Station IRCTC Code OGL

Note on Ongole

Ongole station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is OGL.

Ongole is a place in Andhra Pradesh state of the Indian country, in Prakasam district. Ongole is familiar for its breed of oxen named as Ongolu Gitta. Ongole’s history goes back to the dates of Mauryas and Satavahanas. There are little inscriptions, found in this village Chinna Ganjam, near here. Ongole gained importance and prominence during the dynasty of Kakatya. Motupalli and Voda Renu served as seaports. This is found with inscriptions during Pallava rulers. Sri Raja Rajeswara Swami temple was constructed by Chola Kings. Some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of Ongole are Padmavathi express, Charminar express, Rapti Sagar express, Purulia express and so on. Many local trains are also available at this junction

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Ongole Railways Station IRCTC Code OGL

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