Okha Railways Station IRCTC Code OKHA

Fact knowable about Okha

Okha station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is OKHA.

Okha is a place which is at the Gujarat state of the Indian country. Okha is familiar and noted for its beautiful Krishna temple Bet Dwarka, which is being dedicated to Krishna on Bet Dwarka Island across the creek from this port. Okha is exactly situated at the Jamnagar district. Okha will have a good climate all over the year definitely. The site is surrounded by sea on all its three sides, and also has the beach being sandy on Arabian Sea Coast. This has the seaport too on its lee side. Fishing and salt processing are some of the main industries here. Haji Kirmani Pir Dargah is the religious centre here. Dolphins are easily seen here. Train passing through the railway junction of Okha are Okha Jaipur express, Vivek express, Okha Somnath express, Jaipur express, Uttaranchal express and so on.

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Okha Railways Station IRCTC Code OKHA

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