Navsari Railways Station IRCTC Code NVS

Fact of Navsari

Navsari station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NVS.

Navsari is in Navsari district, Gujarat. Surat’s twin city is Navsari only. Navsari is the oldest city of the state. The history of Navsari is an inspiring story. Navsari’s port is mentioned in the book of Ptolemy, who is an Egyptian astronomer. The important landmark, which is present in Navsari, is the Sayaji Vaibhav Library. It is a public library. There are two important lakes present here and they are Dudhiya Talav and Sharbatiya Talav. Talav denotes a lake in the state. Navsari has access to other cities and towns by means of road and rail. Paschim express passes through Navsari railway station

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Navsari Railways Station IRCTC Code NVS

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