Narela Railways Station IRCTC Code NUR

Fact about Narela

Narela station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NUR.

Narela is in North West Delhi district, Delhi. Narela has a site, which is near to Bhorgarh, which sends us to the ancient days of Harappa civilization. When, Delhi Sultanate ruled Narela, in the 13th century, it became a camp for treating armies as well as marching. Narela has a popular pond also known as Talaab. In ancient times, it continued to exist with water for all time. Nowadays, it dried and people found some coins, which belongs to Mohammad Shah Rangila time. Narela has access to other cities and towns by means of road and rail. Unchahar express passes through Nerala junction.

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Narela Railways Station IRCTC Code NUR

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