Nandgaon Railways Station IRCTC Code NGN

A known fact of Nandgaon

Nandgaon station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NGN.

Nandgaon is in Nashik district, Maharashtra. Nandgaon acts as the headquarters for the taluks, which is in the same name. Nandgaon is a town, which falls under the municipality. Ellora caves are easily connected with Nandgaon by road. In 1881, Nandgaon was small village. After that, because of its commercial activities, it has been grown into the big town. However, Nandgaon has not developed in the systematic lines. Nandgaon has the railway station, which is named, as Nandgaon railway station, which has comfortable and refreshing rooms. Nandgaon has access to other cities and towns by means of road and rail. Gorakhpur expess passes through Nandgaon junction.

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Nandgaon Railways Station IRCTC Code NGN

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