Nalhati Railways Station IRCTC Code NHT

The fact to be known of Nalhati

Nalhati station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NHT.

Nalhati is in Birbhum district, West Bengal. The name is derived from the temple name, Shakti peeth Nalhateshwari. It falls under 51 Peethas of Shakti. Nala means the goddess throat. Nalhati is situated on Chhotonagpur plateau. From the town, hills small portion can be seen. There are several places are present in Nalhati to visit. Nalhati acts a tourist spot of the state. Shakti peeth Nalhateshwari temple and a hill, which is named as Mazar Sherif atop, is the important places to visit in Nalhati. Nalhati has access by means of road and rail. Kavi Guru express passes through Nalhati railway station.

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Nalhati Railways Station IRCTC Code NHT

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