Nalbari Railways Station IRCTC Code NLV

Station’s note of Nalbari

Nalbari station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NLV.

Nalbari is in Nalbari distict, Assam. The term Nalbari, is just came from the combination of two words, Nal and Bari. Nal denotes the reed varieties. In addition, Bari refers to garden. It acts as the headquarters for the district, Nalbari. Western Assam was called as Kamarupa in old days. It had been divided as Kamarupa Pithas. Nalbari is placed in the division of Kamapitha. Till the times of colonial, the place continued to known as Kamrup. Nalbari has access to other cities and towns by means of road and rail. Kanchenjunga express passes this junction daily, which is highly witnessed here.

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Nalbari Railways Station IRCTC Code NLV

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