Nagarsol Railways Station IRCTC Code NSL

Place called Nagarsol

Nagarsol station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NSL.

Nagarsol is in Maharashtra. Nagarsol railway station has been managed by the railway of south central for a long period of time. Nagarsol is at a distance of around 44 km from Shirdi. Nagarsol holds a place named as Nagarsol falls too, which is visited by people so. Nagarsol railway station was owned by Nizam’s state railway by the year 1900, by Nizam of Hyderabad. Nagarsol is a village too, holding few schools, and is 25 km from the place of Manmad. Some of the express trains that pass the junction of Nagarsol are Nandigram express, Rameshwaram express and many other trains are also available, which is witnessed by number of trains here.

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Nagarsol Railways Station IRCTC Code NSL

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