Nagachia Railways Station IRCTC Code NNA

To be known of Nagachia

Nagachia station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is NNA.

Naugachia is in Bhagalpur district, Bihar. It is a kind of police district. Naugachia is bordered one side by the river named as Ganges. Other side is bordered by the Koshi river. Naugachia is popular for its yellow maize, which is called as Kelanchal of the state. There is a dam, which is in the shape of ring. Therefore, there is no food in Naugachia. The district’s heart is Naugachia only because the over bridge named as Vikaramshila gets started here. There are many places are present to visit in Naugachia. Kali Mandir is one among them. Hate Bazare express passes through Naugachia railway station.

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Nagachia Railways Station IRCTC Code NNA

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