Muzzafarnagar Railways Station IRCTC Code MOZ

A note of Muzzafarnagar

Muzzafarnagar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MOZ.

Muzzafarnagar is a city in Uttar Pradesh. Muzzafarnagar is just 120 km from the country capital Delhi. Muzzafarnagar was set up by Mughals, who especially was Sayyid jagirdhar, Lashkar Ali, therefore he named the places in terms of paying honour to his own father. Thus the place was named as Muzzafar Ali Khan. Muzzafarnagar is considered to be the Sugar Belt of Uttar Pradesh too. There is a number of tourist attractions scattered. Brahma Temple, Dallu Devta, Balaji Dham, etc are some of the important attractions here. It possesses the Muzzafarnagar Railway Station. Dehra Dun Shatabdi Express is a train which passes through this busy railway station.

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Muzzafarnagar Railways Station IRCTC Code MOZ

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