Mughalsarai Railways Station IRCTC Code MGS

Ken a lot of facts of Mughalsarai

Mughalsarai station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MGS.

Mughalsarai is a city in the Chandauli District, Uttar Pradesh. Mughalsarai is just 10 km from Varanasi. The Grand Chord section present starts at Asansol whereby it ends at Mughalsarai. Mughalsarai did enjoy the largest marshalling yard belonging to railways representing Asia. Mughalsarai also possesses a lot of tourist attractions in it. Kaali Temple is a sightseeing attraction present. Chandhasi is the area where the coal market being the largest is present here. Man Sarovar Lake, Ranjit Singh War Memorial, etc are other attractions present in Mughalsarai.. Mughalsarai Railway Station is the railway station situated here. This station is considered to the Heart of the Indian Railways.

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Mughalsarai Railways Station IRCTC Code MGS

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