Mordabad Railways Station IRCTC Code MB

Know about Moradabad

Mordabad station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MB.

Moradabad is a city in the Moradabad District, Uttar Pradesh. Moradabad was set up by the year 1600, by the son of Shah Jahan, who is named as Prince Murad. Moradabad is on the banks of Ramganga river. Shah Jahan did appoint the governor Rustam Khan to capture this, whereby and Shah Jahan named as Ramtal Nagar, later it was renamed as Moradabad. There is a fort. The year 1980, Moradabad did witness the Hindu Muslim quarrel or loggerheads. The history of Moradabad dates back to around 1400 years. Moradabad is 170 km from the country’s capital Delhi. There are some sightseeing attractions located here like Vidur Kuti, Sai Mandir, Najibudaulah Fort, etc. this is connected by all nearby cities. You can reach through rail with the presence of Moradabad Railway Station. Garib Rath Express, Shatabdi Express, etc are trains which pass through here.

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Mordabad Railways Station IRCTC Code MB

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