Mirjapur Railways Station IRCTC Code MZP

Note about Mirzapur

Mirjapur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MZP.

Mirzapur is a city, Uttar Pradesh. Mirzapur is renowned for its carpet production. Mirzapur is surrounded by hills whereby it’s familiar for the holy shrine, Vindhyachal. Mirzapur was set up by British East India Company by the year 1735. Thus the evidences over here are there for you to know the history of Mirzapur. It was a dense forest before the city was established. Cotton and silk is produced in a large mass. The term Mirzapur, refers the child of the ruler. A number of waterfalls and a lot of natural spots are located here. Clock Tower, Vindhyachal, Ojhala Bridge, etc are the chief attractions present in Mirzapur. Even the cave paintings which date to around 800 BC are very famous. Mirzapur Railway Station is the station located here in Mirzapur. Trimeni Express, Bagmati Express, Mahananda Express, etc pass through this station.

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Mirjapur Railways Station IRCTC Code MZP

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